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About Us

Junior Golf Performance Academy

Welcome to The Junior Golf Performance Academy (JGPA), Home of Champions!

Nestled within the prestigious Quail Creek Country Club in Naples, Florida, JGPA stands as the pinnacle of long-term development programs for aspiring junior golfers. Founded by the visionary Spencer Graham in Orlando, Florida, and later relocated to the idyllic greens of Naples, our academy boasts a professional staff of unparalleled caliber.

Meet Our Founders:

  1. Spencer Graham III: A maestro with an impressive 14 Junior World Championship titles under his belt, Coach Graham's legacy of excellence spans nearly three decades, marked by 50,000+ lessons and an impressive tally of 132 NCAA DI scholarships secured for his proteges.

  2. Thor Parrish: A PGA and TPI award-winning Professional, Thor Parrish adds his expertise to our coaching roster, ensuring a holistic approach to player development.

  3. Dynamic Team: Complemented by a team of assistant professionals and golf management apprentices hailing from the esteemed Florida Gulf Coast University, our staff is dedicated to nurturing talent and shaping champions.

Unrivaled Offerings:

  1. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Explore the expansive opportunities for growth at our two premier facilities, Quail Creek Country Club and Quail Village Golf Club, where innovation meets tradition.

  2. Comprehensive Programs: From our renowned after-school group golf programs, the largest in Southwest Florida, to our exclusive Elite 15 program attracting talent from across the globe, JGPA caters to juniors of every skill level, offering a blend of fun and education.

  3. Excellence in Coaching: Elevate your game with personalized attention through private lessons, or immerse yourself in the intensity of our Advanced 20 group, designed for the region's most competitive junior golfers. Additionally, our lineup of golf camps, clinics, and playing lessons on the course ensures a holistic approach to skill development.

Join us at JGPA, where dreams take flight, champions are forged, and every swing tells a story of dedication and triumph.



“At the Junior Golf Performance Academy, it is our mission to grow the game of golf through a culture of long-term development and mentorship. JGPA creates meaningful programs for every junior golfer, of all skill levels and ages. No matter where you are in the golf “Process”, the JGPA is there to help take your game to the next level.”

Our Initiative: GROW THE GAME

How can a sport like golf be the key to a child living a life full of enjoyment? It's simple. The game of golf connects all types of people and builds a strong moral compass. Golf teaches etiquette, discipline, and respect on the course and in life. 


Golf also does much more. Golf helps fight the largest epidemic to hit our nation in years. For the first time in history, the most recent generation of kids in America experience lower life spans due to a lack of physical activity and obesity. 


The Junior Golf Performance Academy at Quail Creek CC is committed to developing unique strategies and programs to help solve this issue among juniors. The JGPA offers promising junior golf programs that allow juniors to not only learn and develop as young, aspiring golfers, but truly enjoy the sport and keep active and healthy while doing it! We as an academy believe that golfers are strong athletes just like any other sport. Our junior athletes at JGPA take their mental and physical health very seriously, but still have fun in the process!

Highlights of the JGPA

  • Consists of expert & experienced Golf Professionals, Coaches & Trainers 


  • Offers group sessions with a 5:1 client to coach ratio 


  • Beginner (Level 1) to Advanced (Level 5) coaching 


  • Ability to work with junior golfers ages 3 to 18 


  • Private coaching options 


  • After-school weekly group classes available 


  • Half and full day junior camps offered during the summer 


  • On-site personal and group golf specific TPI fitness sessions 


  • College resume/scholarship consulting & tournament scheduling assistance 


  • Tournament travel coaching packages available 


  • Competitive pricing for the growth of the game

Our Partners

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